Welcome to Compass!

This quick start guide introduces Compass. For any further help and support, reach out to hello@getcompass.ai

Compass is an incentive compensation management software that automates and digitizes your Sales Contests and Commission Programs. Integrate your CRM, pick one of our interactive game templates, and publish it in less than 10 mins. No more spreadsheets!

With easy-to-publish game templates, leaderboards, and analytics, Compass empowers your Sales Managers and Revenue Operations Team. With game-like elements, rewards, recognitions and complete access to relevant information, Compass motivates your on-the-ground Salesforce to do more!

This user manual gives you the details of key features and step-by-step instructions on how to use Compass’s admin interface.

In October 2022, we introduced the latest version of the Compass admin interface and now all our administrators are by default offered the new version.


Mobile SDK Integration

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