The admin dashboard offers a viewport that provides snapshots of program progress and different layers of overall performance of the users. The dashboard can also be customized with widgets that offer a quick update highly relevant to your business.
  • The first section of the dashboard shows the number of participants who are active /inactive of an incentive campaign that is live on the platform. It also shows information about the approved incentive, pending incentives and their total as well.
  • Click on the drop down
    to select the programs that are live on the platform and view the respective number of active and non active participants in a program.
Drop down menu to choose between multiple programs
  • The second section of the dashboard is fully configurable based on your needs with widgets of your choice. (Talk to Compass POCs to help set these up.)
  • Some of the examples are as shown below:
    • The performance report of all the participants based on various variables is listed. Any number of variables can be assigned to the participates, based on which, the participants will be evaluated for incentives.
Performance report
  • Admin can also create a leaderboard ranked as per some of the variables, based on which the participants are ranked.
  • As shown below, graphs can also be plotted based on the variables assigned for evaluating performance of participants. This helps easier visualization of data and take quick decisions and draw insights.
Sample customized widgets that can be created on dashboard
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