List already existing Connections

Create New Connection (Join)



Why do we need the feature?

Clients will typically have data over different sources, like event data which contains a record of all the transactions/achievements, user data which contains all the details of the users like their employee id, names, supervisor names and other related fields.

In order to configure metrics/programs for the incentive calculation, we need a single table/view containing all data from different dependent sources in one view, preferably with a unique identifier that sets these apart from each other. This is where connections come into play as they help us in linking different kinds of data sources enabling us to create and perform several logical calculations on top of them in the form of metrics and consecutively program tasks.

Compass provides three different kinds of connections (left, inner and full outer) which encompasses almost all use cases ranging from simple to most complex ones.

Below is a basic pictorial representation of all the joins for ease of understanding:

Workflow / Using the feature

Select Data and Integrations from the options on the side left and switch to the Connections tab. From here, we can:

List already existing Connections

By Clicking on 3 Dots next to a connection:

  1. View Data : To view the data in the connection

  2. Archive Connection : Archive the connection that no longer is needed

  3. Pin Connection: Pin the connection to the screen

Create New Connection (Join)

To create a new connection or a view, one can join two data sources, where the data source can be an already active connection.

To do a left join,

  • click on left join

  • Select the 2 data sources from the drop down list of existing data sources

  • Select the common field between 2 data sources on which the join should be made (for e.g. partner code). There is also an option to add additional fields to make the join.

  • Click Save, to save the connection and name the connection.

  • To edit the saved connection, click on the pencil icon

  • There can be more joins added to the same connection, to add that click on Add New Join and repeat the previous steps

  • Then click on Create Connection, which will make the connection and will be present in All Connections view

To understand more about joins and how they can best incorporate your use cases, please refer to this.

Feature Details




This feature is to create Data Views using different data sources, which are required to create the programs


Correlate different data sources based on a mapping field to make a logical view


Enable the admins to create a logical view of the data to create metrics which in turn define the incentive calculations



Not doing


Acceptance criteria

All the expected data is in the view required for metric/program creation


How long it takes for people to interact with the feature for the first time, measure of ease of use and adaptability

It mainly requires understanding of the logic to be implemented via programs, the data sources present in the system and different joins mechanisms that can be used. If clear on requirements, creating joins as a feature on Compass is a simple task.

How often feature is being used

Critical feature, hence used frequently as it is an integral part of creating metrics and consecutively, programs

How long users spend interacting with the feature

Depends on the frequency of new incentive programs and change in data source.

Abandonment rate

None, as this is a critical and frequently used feature

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