March 2021

Compass is loaded now with a slew of updates to its Programs, along with a new Social feature for Badges. Happy Gaming!

Xoxoday Compass gets better with every passing release, fine crafting usability and efficiency for our admins and end-users. The March release introduces a few features that add great functionality to the web admin app like the Save As a Draft, Program Cloning, Variable disabling, Program static text edit, Badge uploads, and Program buffer time edit. Read on to discover all about these features in all its detail.

1. Save your programs as draft to never lose progress

Program creation may require multiple iterations to ensure even the most complex use cases or templates are provisioned. You can now save the instance from where you left off previously with the “Save As Draft” functionality.This feature allows the Admin to save progress and come back to continue editing the program. It also avoids losing data in case of a sudden system, program, or power issue. Also, use the Save As Draft feature to quickly jot down program wireframes and keep your thoughts while creating a program. After which you can come back later to edit and publish your Program.

Admin can find the “Save As Draft” feature on the Program creation page. Click Save As Draft to save the progress you have made in program creation. Later, when you want to edit it, go to Menu > Program Groups > Select The program > go to Drafts to see all your saved drafts. From there, filter the results of your draft by Programs, find and click on the ellipsis button on the draft, and then click Edit. You can edit the content and save it again as a draft or publish it.

2. Clone your programs to reduce program creation time

There could be many incentive programs that are variations of currently existing programs. Creating every such program from scratch becomes a redundant effort. Cloning will help you instantly achieve the 80 to 90% common rules, parameters, etc of a program and input the variations to quickly take them live.

The Clone feature, this way, allows the admin to create a copy of another Program document in your Program Groups. This clone will include all the annotations from the original but is otherwise independent of the source. Think of cloning as a way to build on the programs that are previously created, without the risk of breaking or interfering with anything.

To access the clone feature, Go to Menu > Program Groups > Completed Tab > search for the necessary program to clone in the Completed tab and click on the ellipsis button and click on Copy as it is shown in the above image.

Once you click on copy, a pop-up appears with two options, “Program name” and “Start- End Time”. Provide the required information and click on “Make a copy.” This would move the cloned document to draft, where the admin can make required changes and publish it.

3. De-clutter program creation with enable the variable toggle

Data handling is the most complex and critical step in incentive disbursals. Compass manages to reduce it to a few visually organized steps. Sometimes while using multiple conditions for incentive calculation, a few previously defined variables may become irrelevant for the new programs. The capability to enabling or disabling variables would help declutter the variable list during program creation. The program creator gets to choose from only the highly relevant variables for the incentive calculation.

For this, the admin can go to data sources and variables and disable or enable the variables the admin does not want to be executed. To use this feature, the admin would have to select the “Data sources and variables” option from the main menu and select the variables option to disable or enable the created variable. Hover over the “Status” options to enable or disable the variables.

4. Make runtime edits to program details

Even after a program is created, published, and is up and running, the title or description might need to be changed. With this release, program admins would be able to edit even the static information while the program is live.

This feature would help the creator edit all the essential information like the title and description of the program even after it is created.

To use this feature, select an active program, click on the ellipsis button, and click on edit and make the changes required.

Note: Only the title and the description can be edited. Metrics and other functions cannot be edited while the program is active.

5. Upload badges unique to your company’s performance culture

Motivate your participants by celebrating their achievements with collectible badges that are unique to your company contests and programs. All the badges earned by the user are displayed in their mobile app user profile.

To use this feature admin would have to navigate through the Menu bar and select “Customisation” in the main admin menu> “Rewards” > select “Badges” and click on “Add a badge” to add the badge of your choice.

This function would help the admin to share badges to the agent achievements, which can be great to motivate them to perform better.

6. Program buffer time edit

This feature helps the admin to increase the program calculation end date by rewarding a buffer time that can be customized by the admin.

This feature can be used by Navigating to Active programs and selecting the ellipsis button and selecting the “Edit” option. Once the admin enters the active program page, select the end date from the flow chart. Admin would receive an option to extend the end date by entering the number of days in the “Rewarding buffer time” option.

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