November 2021

The Compass November release witnesses features that help Admin upload seamlessly and also can edit the Event data fields. Also making the it handle large amount of data by introduction of additional tables. There are updates in rewards in program creation making it more dynamic and enhances the overall Program life cycle. More on these features:

  1. Edit Event data & View

The data such as User Info, event info, views generated, or variables created that is feeded into Compass sometimes gets a structural change due to changing needs of the client. These structural changes are accommodated by changing data types in fields/columns, formats of data storage, changes in views, etc.

While changing the field type, you get a confirmation message also mentioning the number and list of programs and metrics that would be impacted.

After changing the field type, you’ll get a popup notification confirming that the datatype has been changed.

2. Multiple columns in tabular reports

Admin is now allowed to add multiple widgets in the widget type table. Both measure and metric can be added for a maximum of three times.

3. User Management - Performance(New consumer)

We have made some changes in this release to improve the performance of the Compass app. The searching time of the users has been significantly improved.

4. Define one reward as mandatory - (remove score from mandatory award)

Earlier companies could set only a score as the mandatory award. Now the companies have the flexibility to reward users on the basis of multiple options like badges, scores and points.

5. Multiple variable rewards

Earlier, while setting the condition for rewarding users on the basis of milestones achieved, a variable metric could only be used once. In this release, we have introduced the ability to use a variable multiple times for added flexibility in the rewarding system

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