February 2021

A brand new and powerful admin console, gamification capabilities & more.

With 150K users on the platform, Compass celebrates how it is rapidly scaling to engage users better with gamified incentives & rewards. In this major release we present Compass 2.0, which brings in an overhaul of the admin module as we step closer towards a DIY platform. We have also given more power to end users with major feature additions to the mobile app with new games and accessibility.

1. A supercharged app for our super avid admin.

The new web module enables admins to do the entire program, platform and user setup themselves.

a. Seamless navigation with a user-journey based menu design

The admin app's new main menu is categorized into two sections, based on the stages of program execution.

The Settings menu sub-section groups the features needed for the initial set up - including customizations and branding.

The rest of the critical daily functions are grouped and presented more accessibly to the menu's left, including - Dashboard, Groups, Programs, Incentives, and Reports.

b. Simplified user access management

Our super admins will now be able to create users with various access attributes in the user management section. With a simple dropdown selection, they can now toggle user access levels - to either brand super admin, brand admin, brand user, partner admin or partner user.

c. A canvas based UI to design complex program logic

Compass super admins can now define multi-variant (for programs with multiple sub-goals) and multi-condition (for programs with nested/ random levels of conditions) logics for their incentive programs. Experience a whole new set of statistical and logical functions (groupby, filterby, count unique etc.) along with the gamut of math functions. Additionally, a visual program design canvas helps admins easily create even the most complex scenarios.

d. Comprehensive reports and analytics

With multiple data filter to narrow down data views, .csv bulk downloads and program-specific reports & analytics - the Compass report section is in its prime.

Data handling is the most complex and critical step in incentive disbursals, and we managed to reduce it to a few visually organised steps.This interesting data view shows the various data sources and helps create DB joins right on our platform (in other words, no more SQL querying nor complex vlookups on excel).

Compass is now capable of SDK based data integrations from enterprise systems that also includes Google sheets.

2. Quite a head turner! The enhanced end-user app.

Compass mobile app now offers an even more visually exciting yet simple narrative. The interface reflects the gamification it employs and makes it captivating for the end- users.

a. Multi-language support to make them own it

Under popular demand, Compass app now supports Hindi language and 8 other Indian languages are on its way.

b. Influencing the performance journey

Compass mobile app can now offer extensive details about the programs, broken down as milestone task descriptions and tips on achieving different metrics. Configure advanced nudges and notifications at various program completion levels that encourage participants to go the extra mile.

c. Target games for the target-oriented

Help your taskforce define where they are headed to - and lead them to perform better. Target (KPI) games are here to guide them through and motivate them to achieve targets.

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