March 2023

Xoxoday Compass is getting better with every passing release. As the month of March ends, here are the features rolled out with the new release. Ranging from leaderboard based dynamic rewarding to auto reprocessing.

1. Leaderboard Based Dynamic Rewarding:

Added capability to configure dynamic rewards for leaderboard users. Dynamic rewards are basically rewards which are dependent on a variable value to calculate what the Reward value will be. Users will also be able to add a Cap limit to this Dynamic Reward value so that it doesn’t go above the budget.

2. Adjustments at an Incentive Level:

We now have the provision to have different kinds of adjustments at incentive level and maintain an audit log for the same which would be visible to all the admins and users.

We support Clawback, Retract, Kickback, Split, Spiff, Bonus and Custom adjustments.

3. Activity Based Rewarding:

To introduce activity based scores on Compass for improved engagement and user motivation. To enable the admins to configure the points for each activity and enable/disable activities as needed. Multiple activities ranging from Mobile App Logins to Group interactions are available for admins to configure.

Available in Settings-> Rewards-> Activity Leaderboard

4. Auto Re-Processing:

Admins would no longer need to manually click on "Recalculate Incentives" whenever they upload new data or append existing data. On data changes, the plan metrics, rewards would automatically be recalculated.

Earlier, manual reprocessing would lead to errors, auto re-processing is more efficient and eliminates the need for admins to remember to execute the re-processing.

5. View Transactions in user web:

For end user web there will be a provision to view their transactions for a program. On the web, users will be shown a dropdown with the list of connection names and clicking on each, they can view the transactions and provision to download as well. Many times user transactions would be collected from different data sources for plan calculation. This helps users to review all their transactions for a particular plan from a single point.

6. Zoho CRM integration

  • First CRM integration using Azure Data Factory

  • One click integration which means that a user can complete the entire integration through the Compass frontend without any engineering intervention and a quick turn around time

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