September 2022

Xoxoday Compass is getting better with every passing release. As the month of September ends, here are the features rolled out with the new release. Ranging from Customized View for Clients, New functions for ease of metric creation, UI/UX improvements, Leaderboard Optimizations for better performance. Let’s have a look.

  1. Visual Cues:

    Visual cues have been added on the admin side to facilitate in identifying the in-app display components. Visual cues have been added in: A. Program Creation B. Metrics C. Leaderboards D. Groups In Program Creation, this icon has been placed beside Program Name, Milestone Name, Task Description, Tips, Reward Description, Program Description and Program Details :

    Similarly, in metric creation it is placed beside Metric Name, in Leaderboards it is placed beside Leaderboard name, primary, secondary and tertiary metric names and in Groups beside Group Name and Group Description.

2. Decimal Round Off:

A new Round function that lets users select the number of decimal places they want to round off to, limited to 0,1 and 2 decimal places for now. Round function works similar to the standard Round function available in excel. Applicable in Metric Creation, Program Creation, Rewards.

3. Leaderboard Optimisation:

Earlier all calculations used to happen on postgres at runtime. Now, an improved caching based system has been introduced and calculations are done on Spark, improving the overall efficiency for leaderboard calculations.

4. Date Range- Event Data Filter:

Earlier in Event Data with the date column, the filter option showed only single dates to filter by. Now, in Event Data with date columns, the filter option shows date range to filter by.

5. Pop up confirmation while exiting the page:

Earlier while creating a program or metric or uploading data, pressing back on the browser exited the whole process without a popup or a warning. A pop-up warning has been introduced that gives warning to users before exiting. Pop up warnings have been given in: Program Creation, Data Uploads and Metric Creation.

6. Report Date Persistence:

Earlier, the chosen date range for a particular report would reset to the default dates of the current month once the report was displayed. Now, the chosen Date Range in the 'Reports' section persists across different selections of reports by the user. After logout, the date range is reset to default.

7. Short Description:

Program Creation: A mandatory description field during program creation has been added for the Admin, min 20 characters - max 250 characters, for the Program. This information will help the user quickly understand what the Program is about. Also, added a non-mandatory Details input field where the admin can paste a lot of information. Pasted text will retain source formatting, like bullet points, bold, underline, and others.

8. Floor Function in Rewards:

A Floor Function has been added in rewards creation when creating dynamic rewards.

9. Campaign Approver Details in Dashboard:

Campaign approver details and attachments are now visible in the Program Details section in the Dashboard.

10. Bulk upload of participants while selecting user groups:

Custom conditions were not able to satisfy the group participant. Hence, custom upload of users while selecting the group participants was introduced. Bulk upload will happen via csv function. As part of users selection: giving an option to upload the csv file. The csv file will have these options to be filled, partner code being the mandatory field- Name, Email ID, Partner Code The admin can edit the participant in the draft mode by selecting a different csv file than previous. Once the program is active : the user will not be able to edit the participant.

After upload, the option to Edit Mapping is enabled:

11. Subdomain:

Provision to now have custom domain as per client’s branding.

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