November 2022

Xoxoday Compass is getting better with every passing release. As the month of November ends, here are the features rolled out with the new release ranging from Round off function in Leaderboards, Multi-currency support, Surveys and more. Let’s have a look.

1.Addition of inactive users across the product:

1.1 Dashboard - Performance Report:

The dashboard now shows both active and inactive user numbers and the inactive user number is clickable which will show the list of inactive users, this list also has a download option to download it in csv format. This helps the admin identify the inactive users and action on them accordingly.

1.2. Web users - metrics value will be NA for inactive users

  • For inactive users the “Tasks to be done” and “Your Performance” cards will show NA as the needed data is not available.

  • “Milestone you reached” card is removed from the user web module for no data users.

1.3. The milestones section will reflect NA for users with no data.

The milestone progress screen will now show NA for the distance needed to cover to achieve the next milestone.

The points will be shown as NA for inactive users.

1.4. KPI Report - Added Inactive users

Added a new user type filter which can filter out active and inactive users. The inactive user filter shows the basic user data of the inactive user.

2. Round off function in Leaderboard

Introduced Round function in the leaderboards that lets users select the number of decimal places they want to round off to, limited to 0,1 and 2 decimal places for now. Round function works similar to the standard Round function available in excel. This was previously applicable only in Metric Creation, Program Creation, Rewards. Now available in the leaderboards creation as well.

3. Displaying Creator Details and Creation timestamp in Metric Details

In the metrics tab, on clicking on a specific metric to see the metric details, it will now also show the creator details and creation timestamp. This would help in identifying who created the metric and when it was created. This would be useful to avoid the cases where a brand admin (program creator) is trying to edit a metric which was created by another admin as this information was not shown anywhere. So this additional detail will help identify which metric they created. Brand admins would still be able to use metrics created by other brand admins and super admins in their program, just that they would not be able to make any changes to those metrics.

4. Multi-currency support during signup

While signing up the admin can now choose what would be the currency type for each point achieved.

Currencies supported now during sign-up:

  • UAE- Dirham- AED

  • Qatar- Qatari riyal- QAR

  • Saudi Arabia- Saudi riyal- SAR

  • USA- US Dollar- USD

  • UK- Pound Sterling- GBP

  • Europe- Euro- EUR

Post signup, the currency opted can be viewed in the General info tab inside settings.

Settings-> General Info-> Base Currency.

5. View team’s performance

The users can now see how their team is performing from the “Teams” tab. This screen will now show the leaderboards for each program so that managers can see the position of their teammates and push/motivate them to reach the Top 10 and Top 5 in the leaderboards. Note that this screen will only show if you have users reporting to you.

On expanding the leaderboard, users can see all members of the leaderboard along with their achieved scores.

6. Send surveys and view team’s responses

The admin can now create surveys that can be sent before, during or after a program to get the user's view on the program. This choice is available as a drop down in the survey creation page.

The survey creation page is shown in the last stage of program creation. In this section, the user can add custom survey questions or choose from the suggested questions. The user can add up to 3 questions. The user also has the option to reward activity score to users who complete the survey, this however is optional.

Given below is the suggested question screen from where the user can select between the two options.

Once the survey is created and the program is live, the admin can view the survey responses in the dashboard. Users can see the percentage of responses received for the survey and can also see the response breakup for each question.

On clicking on the expand button on the top right corner of the Survey responses card, they will be able to see a survey report with response breakup for all 3 questions. The user can also download this in CSV format.

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