Connecting Close with Compass

Here we cover the entire process of integrating Close CRM with compass

1. Login to your Compass account:

To learn how to login and setup your Compass account, please use the below links:

Logging in to your Account

Setting up your Compass account

2. Go to Data Sources and Variables:

3. Click on Add Data Source:

4. Click on icon under Add data sources:

5. Here, you need to enter your API key from Close CRM for integration:

If you do not have the API key available with you, please visit the link in blue color as given under “Generate your API key” to get started on importing a pre-existing API key or generate your own.

6. You may create a new API key here by clicking on “New API Key":

Now, you have logged into your Close account. You will find this screen on your Close account after clicking the link shown in the previous step.

7. Please enter your API Key name

8. Your API key has been generated. Please save it in a safe location as it will not be displayed again

9. You now have the API key. Please enter it in Compass and click on Authenticate:

Please go back to your Compass page where you left off and punch in your API key.

Only one API key per Close CRM account is allowed. This is because a certain company will integrate its API key only once.

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