September 2020

Easy Incentive Management

Xoxoday Compass is getting better with every passing release. As the month of September ends, here are the features rolled out with the new release. Ranging from a smarter campaign management, incentive gamification, customizable event template, link-up across leaderboards for comprehensive rankings, bulk upload options and more. Let’s have a look.

1. Existing Campaign Management made easy with accurate metric tracking

We have compensated for the non-editable event templates for campaigns. The “Events” created by admins for incentive programs can be viewed under Event Template(s), wherein the data can be edited, and new entries added in case it’s needed. While the data calculation was previously defined and couldn’t be changed, now it can be altered in terms of name, labels, and types of data. This helps the campaign managers alter important entries in the event to increase efficiency and track the metrics accurately rather than creating a new event altogether in case there’s a change required. Hence making itself as a smarter campaign management software.

In instances where variables like event name, type, participant credentials, and description have to be changed, it can be taken care of from the “Edit Event Template” section. As for creation of new events, the admin can add an event template by pasting the data in the “Add Event Template” option. Missed out last month's update? Read it here

Gamification incentives has a competitive flair attached to it and the leaderboard ranking, which was earlier based on a single metric, brought about a clash in rankings. To keep the competition up, the new program creation flow comes with a “Refer Leaderboard” option.

With the "Refer Leaderboard" option, a secondary metric can be used to track the users' performances

This enhances the efficacy of a gamification incentives campaign and the secondary criterion will help in ranking the participants correctly on the leaderboard. Through this option, user-data can be obtained from a different metric and leaderboards can be linked with each other—adding extra variables to the leaderboard ranking.

3. Give out multiple awards for every milestone and keep users engaged

To imbibe the feeling of recognition amongst the participants, campaigns can now be set up with multiple awards. While users were being awarded with scores to help them climb the leaderboard, campaign managers can now send out multiple rewards on completion of milestones.

Awards can now be given as scores, points, and value badges

These awards are:

  • Scores that add up to the users’ tally and decide their positions on the leaderboard

  • Points which can be redeemed on the Xoxoday Stores

  • Value Badges to motivate recipients for the job done

Multiple awards can now be added while setting up the milestones for a comprehensive gamification experience.

4. With the Bulk Upload option, toggle all users’ activity status in one go

Attrition rate is a real hindrance when it comes to keeping up with count of users on the organization’s platform. For instance, in case of blue-collar workforces, where thousands of new users join and leave every now and then, toggling their active/inactive status requires a lot of manual hassle.

With the bulk upload option, all that the admin has to do is import the updated list of active and inactive Compass users via a .CSV file (a sample can be downloaded then and there). After that, the fields of uploaded data can be mapped with initials. The valid entries would be uploaded, and designated users will be toggled as active/inactive on the Compass app. This helps in updating big data of thousands of users in one go. These were all the new things in September’s Xoxoday Compass release. Stay tuned for regular updates.

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