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A program is a specific campaign that you are looking to run for your users. It will include all the different parameters and calculations that are a part of your campaign, to give you the correct output and final rewards earned by each user based on your set criteria.

When you create any program, you will need to define its characteristics to determine how it will calculate the data and will be visible to end users.

The next set of sub sections will cover how this can be achieved through different features available within a program

UI Elements

To create a Program, one needs to create a Program Group first. Once a Program Group is created, a Program can be created as shown in the screenshot below.

One needs to click on 'Create a Program' to create a new Program.

After you click on Create a Program, the below Screen appears.

In the above screen, one needs to choose the type of Program.

If at all any Program is already created, the following screenshot shows how to create a new Program

Program List

  • ‘Active’ menu shows the list of programs that are currently Active

  • ‘Completed’ menu shows the list of programs that are currently completed.

  • ‘Draft’ menu shows the list of programs that are in Draft state

  • ‘Stopped’ menu shows the list of programs that were stopped.

  • ‘All’ menu shows the list of all programs.

Future work

  • Status bar / progress bar on the recalculation button

  • Auto processing as part of tech being worked upon

  • Same day programs , daily program recurrence being worked upon

  • Update the "Not equal to" function to take blanks into account

  • Inclusion of dynamic date functions like TODAY() to calculate KPI achievement in last x days/months, etc.

  • Floor of a metric inside the Reward section in Milestone

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