July 2021

Compass is back with a bang this July to solve more of your problems!

Compass improves on itself this month to make the lives of its admin users even more comfortable with an array of feature updates in Programs. The kinds and sheer volumes of data sources the admin can use to build their programs is significantly enhanced. There are updates in interface design, incentive calculation, etc to make the program life-cycle more dynamic

1. Now only keep the incentives that make sense to you

You can now actively roll back or revoke one (through selection) or multiple incentives (through CSV upload) at one go enabling real-time incentive management. You can find this feature under Incentives.

Eg. Let’s say that an insurance company sales team-lead made a wrong decision in giving incentive to a particular sales representative in their team. Now, they can roll-back that decision with zero fuss.

2. You can let go of FOMO by capturing past performance of your team with backdated Programs!

You can now easily create and run incentives programs that were missed or that were run before the Compass launch. You can find this option in Program creation.

Let’s say that you are a delivery manager with a team of hyperlocal delivery boys reporting to you. Now you are empowered to make your deserving delivery boys get their incentive using backdated programs. This will surely further motivate your team thereby increasing long-term business value derived from the team.

3. Add all participants to a program fast

Instead of configuring 'all participants' via formula, now it comes pre-configured and separated from custom user selection in Program creation.

Now you can save time by adding a group of participants all in one go instead of one by one.

4. A wider variety of data sources to choose from for Program creation and incentive setting

All variables from connected data sources can be now configured within the same Program. The interface neatly displays the data source description along with the variable. This feature is present in Program creation.

In a nutshell, all variables from all the views that have been created are available as metrics to consider while creating Programs and setting Milestones

5. The static filters in User Management are now upgraded for better user experience

Now you can filter out users in a more user-friendly and dynamic manner within User management with filters namely, Access Role Name, Company Name and Supervisor.

6. Now view or download your team’s comprehensive performance report

Now view the team’s comprehensive and detailed Program calculation report and download the same as a CSV file.

Get insights on your team’s individual performance so far as a screen view or download the whole report as a sheet.

7. A more User-Friendly Design in Program List

The new design will give better classification and distinction between different states of programs - active, published, draft, and a new drop-down to classify programs.

The programs tiles themselves have program status displayed on them. You can find this in Program Groups

8. Directly delete draft Programs with just one click

Get rid of draft Programs in one go and focus on Programs that matter. You can find this feature in Program Groups

9. Get an easy understanding of the type of data while creating Metrics!

To make data validation in Programs more robust - the data type of the variable metric can be now defined right at the creation stage. You can find this within Variable creation in Data Sources and Variables.

Data types such as numbers, strings, dates, etc are clearly displayed next to the respective metrics. This solves a lot of confusion and avoids situations such as wrong logic used to calculate incentives later during Program creation.

10. Enhanced Incentive report with more information for Admin User

Apart from the previously available calculated incentive, now the score, approval status, who has made the approval are all available in the incentive report dashboard. You can find this within Incentives.

This enables the manager to have an all-in-one dashboard for incentive tracking for his teams.

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