Customer relationship management tools allow for maintaining structured data with defined data types and integration functionalities to help in a more efficient integration to the Compass system. Hence this type of integration is the most preferred method of integration.

Compass is currently equipped with handling integrations with various CRMs (but not limited to) such as, Salesforce, Leadsquared, etc. Depending on the CRM capabilities, tech team involvement and business requirement, the integration can be set up as :

  1. Real time: Where the data flows into Compass system as soon as it gets updated or changed in the source CRM

  2. Scheduled: Where the data flows in set intervals of time through scheduled CRON

Depending on the kind of CRM, the data access and capabilities differ. You can get in touch with the Compass team how your CRM can facilitate integrations with the Compass system.

For a detailed walkthrough, please refer to specific documentations at a CRM level.

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