Integration methodologies

Methodologies supported by Compass for data integrations

The first step to use the Compass software ecosystem is to integrate data from Client system to Compass system through various methodologies, the most optimized method is selected based on discussions among tech teams from Compass and Client org respectively after a thorough feasibility analysis.

The data that needs to be integrated can be generally split into 2 parts:

  1. User data : This comprises the sales agent/partner level data who are part of the campaign program or incentive schemes with a unique id defining each sales agent

  2. Transaction data: This comprises the event data or campaign related transaction data created at a set frequency (e.g. monthly, quarterly) depending on program

In the best case scenario, it is suggested to have a real-time integration set-up to avoid as much manual intervention as possible which in turn helps in error reduction

Integrations work on the latest source of truth and it is important to handle data upload cycles on the basis of whether it is an incremental or cumulative data upload. It is important to clarify the nature of data and the change data capture (CDC) mechanism in the initial integrations discussions

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