Qualification process

To perform the healthCheck of Integration methodology and Compliance with compass

Pre Requisites:

  1. System Design Data (the way data is handled in client system)

  2. Credentials and access for integration methodology

  3. Whitelisting IPs

  4. Performance API analysis report -> to give idea of how much load Client can handle

  5. Technical Documentation with error cases (like swagger/confluence.) provided by Client

  6. Scoping Call(s) done to clarify on the Schema (Objects and Fields) required for the implementation

  7. List of APIs (if any new API is in pipeline, then we will follow the process again)


Health Check of Integration methodology and Compliance with Xoxoday, by running specific test cases to check on :

  1. Mandatory parameters required in the integration

  2. Authentication

  3. Compliances with cybersecurity rules

  4. Validation by cross checking the data from source with destination


A report based on above parameters in a standard template shared to internal stakeholders for a decision to Go/No go for integration.


1. BA of Client IT application: to provide the prerequisites

2. Integration QA and Dev: Test Cases script and report generation

3. Implementation analyst Xoxoday: To cross check data

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