Components of the request

  • clientid , clientSecret: This is unique to every client organization and is provided by the Compass team. These details help Compass identify the organization the data is being retrieved from. This should be saved and kept secure by the organization

  • objectname: This is the table name of the data retrieved

  • data: This should contain the data fields present in the table (objectname), this needs to be set by the client team and maintained throughout the subsequent data dumps. If there is a change in the schema, the same should be intimated to the Compass team beforehand - ideally this should not be the case

In the above example there are 3 data fields (or columns) that are fetched from the client team are id (which is the unique identifier here), transaction_date, amount with the addition parameter of action that signifies whether the data point is created, updated or deleted

  • id: There has to be a unique identifier in the data entry, it can be a separate name based on business context

  • action: This additional parameter helps in identifying whether the record or data point added needs to be created, updated or deleted in the event data

The action parameter becomes important to distinguish between a record which needs to be created, an existing record which needs to be updated, and a record which needs to be deleted

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