Hidden Programs






What is a Hidden Program?

A Hidden Program is a Program which is not visible to the mobile user.

Why do we need the feature?

  • Often, organizations have complex structures to calculate incentives for their users, factoring in various KPIs.

  • In such a scenario, the incentives for different KPIs are calculated in separate programs and then added up to get the final incentive.

  • It makes sense to show the end user only the final program with the total incentive and the individual incentives from each vertical, but the programs used for internal calculations for these verticals need not be shown to the users. For E.g. - A user’s incentive may be the summation of rewards based on a logic for his Achievement % and a different logic for his Efficiency %. Here one may not want to show the user how they are incentivized based on their Achievement and Efficiency %. Here, these programs can be hidden.

  • Such programs need to be hidden from the users, so that the users are not bothered with unwanted information and an overload of programs.

  • No data from a hidden program is shown to the users, but views will still be generated even for hidden programs, so that the outputs can be used for creating a cascade if needed.

Workflow / Using the feature

  • Hiding programs is pretty straight forward. When setting up a program, come to the 3rd tab - settings.

  • At the bottom of this page is a checkbox to hide a program.

  • If the box is checked, the program will be hidden, else it will be visible to the relevant users on the application.

User Interface

  • Please note that it is not possible to hide/unhide a program after it has been published.

  • The changes can only be made if the program has not been published yet.


  • How long it takes for people to interact with the feature for the first time, measure of ease of use and adaptability

    • Fairly simple to understand, self explanatory verbatim on the UI

  • How often feature is being used

    • Used frequently for internal calculation for complex incentive structures

  • How long users spend interacting with the feature

    • Minimal time, oly need to check/uncheck

  • Abandonment rate

    • None, often used

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