Compass End User FAQs

How do I redeem Balance Points?

Tap on Redeem. You will be redirected to Select your choice of product and redeem.

Can I join/ leave a group?

Yes. You can join/leave a group.

Is there any Validity for Reward points?

Reward points earned through the compass platform do not expire.

How can I view groups that I’m not a part of?

Tap on View All next to Groups on Landing Page to view all the groups present.

Can I view Groups that I am not part of?

Yes, you can view all the groups that you are not part of

Can I create posts in a group?

You can create posts in a group only if you’ve been granted access for it by the admin.

Can I create a new Group?

No. Only an admin on the platform has the rights to create a new group.

Are points equivalent to currency?

Points are not necessarily equivalent to currency. However, they can be equivalent to any currency. This depends on the configuration done by the admin.

On what basis can I be issued points?

Points are issued based on:

• Achieving top rank in a campaign

• Completing milestones before a campaign expires.

How many campaigns can I participate in?

You can participate in all the campaigns you are added in by the admin.

Can I login to my account on desktop?

No. You can access your account only on Mobile App.

Can I view my rank in a campaign?

Yes. Ranks are visible on the leaderboard. Up to top 10 players are also visible in the same section.

When would I receive the incentive payment?

Payment can be instantaneously or at the end of a campaign. This will depend on the configuration of the program.

What type of activities can earn me points?

To earn points - participate in campaigns to achieve targets.

How can I redeem my balance points?

Redeem option is available in multiple pages:

• Go to Your Balance on the Landing page and tap on Redeem.

• Go to Menu and tap Redeem.

• Go to Points and Payments inside the menu and tap Redeem.

Where can the points be redeemed?

Points can be redeemed either at the Store or received as a cash payout.

How can I monitor my performance?

Latest Program Performance on the landing page shows the status of performance in each campaign.

How can I change my mobile number/ email address?

This information cannot be changed on the app.

What can I view on the landing page?

Homepage Banner For branding of the client organization, a banner displays on the top of the home page. Partners can tap on it to visit the respective website.

Pending tasks Any action pending from the partner’s end like Program Enrollment, pending surveys, etc.

Balance Points The current balance of points earned is displayed here.

Latest program performance These are listed in sequence of most recent performance activity.

Groups Groups in Compass are unique to organizations a partner is employed with.

Menu icon Contains profile details, a button to redeem points, contact support.

Notifications icon This is a timely messaging system for updates requiring attention or action from the partner.

What is Profile setting?

The following actions and features are available in profile settings:

• The profile picture can be uploaded.

• Personal details can be viewed - Name, login ID, mobile number.

• Log out

How do I login if my password is described as incorrect?

You could attempt login for upto 5 times. On 5 unsuccessful attempts the system will lock the user for 30 minutes. If you do not remember your password, you could request for a password reset by tapping the Forgot Password button after entering email ID on the Login page.

How do I sign in for partner account?

Partner account is created by the Xoxoday team. Partners can login when they receive an email confirming their account creation.

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