Standard Views, Variables and Programs

Seamless Data Transformation:

The metrics coming in from Close CRM to Compass during the integration process are all auto-transformed to Compass-compatible data types to ensure the structural integrity of Compass with Close.

You can focus on using Compass directly as all the data transformations are real-time, automatic, and occur in the backend during the transfer.

On successful integration, you will be taken to Data Sources and Variables and can see all Close Objects, Fields, and Metrics pertaining to your account auto-generated by Compass as per the imported data from Close.

Now, we go through the steps involved in viewing and consuming the data fetched from Close on Compass:

1. Click on Link Datasources to see all the views that have been imported from Close:

2. Here you can see all Views imported from Close as per leads, contacts, opportunities, emails, calls, notes, tasks, etc. These are the standard use-case Views:

3. Here you can see the data inside one of the Close imported views. Parameters such as Lead ID, description, name, date created, date updated, who created the lead, etc. all are available.

Essentially, all data pertaining to leads on Close have been imported to Compass. Similarly, for contacts, opportunities, emails, etc. all data has been imported:

4. Click on Compass (Default) to start with Variable creation in Data Sources and Variables:

5. All Views imported from Close are now available for Variable creation:

Now that the Standard Use-Cases for you from Close integration are ready, you can move forward with using Compass and creating Programs out of your Close CRM data, refer to the links below to get started:

Setting up your Compass account

Linking data sources & creating variables in Compass


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