July 2020

The Xoxoday Compass features release for the month of July comes with better performance tracking through multiple metrics, automated in-app notifications, robust access control layer that goes across two dimensions, and much more.

1. Track the impact of incentive programs based on multiple targets

Combining achievement data from siloed performance reports - helps identify and recognize organization-wide performers. With this release, Compass end users can now be rewarded for even all-round performances that combine results from multiple target achievements. Resultantly, the admins and users have access to an enhanced reporting tool that goes beyond calculating incentives to mapping overall performances. Multi-metric campaign tracking helps with tracking multiple targets right within the same incentive program. You can track your sales incentive programs or incentive campaigns with the new feature of Xoxoday Compass.

2. Keep the users updated with automated, customizable in-app notifications

Program managers receives timely updates about the incentive campaign

Compass now handles the age-old problem of poor performance visibility for managers and campaign dissemination amongst partners. Your incentive program participants and program managers can receive timely insights via real-time updates on the incentive campaign, targets, and completion. With the in-app notifications, users can receive timely insights about future actions to improve their campaign performance.

Along with timely event-based triggers, users will now receive actionable insights on the next steps in their incentive journey, hence giving a bird’s eye view of their performance; meanwhile the admins can configure the notifications.

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3. Users can now sign up via Mobile Number

Sign up via Mobile number, is the latest feature of Xoxoday Compass release. The ‘fleet on the street’ end-users of Compass mostly has only mobile numbers as their primary contact. With this release, end users can log in via their mobile number, post OTP verification while additionally receiving notifications through email.

4. With access-controlled roles, managers can hierarchically administer the campaigns

As a manager, you’d be the one most benefited from learning how your team’s been performing against their targets. Xoxoday Compass gives insights for managers across the organization to analyze their team’s progress. Admins can deliver specific information to managers with a robust access control layer that allows managers to view their teams’ performances in real-time. This access controls can be given on the below two levels:

(a) Share the Team’s Performance Numbers with Data Access

Managers can access quantitative information about their team’s performance. With this, managers can assimilate meaningful outcomes as to how the given milestones help deliver results and act accordingly. This access can be hierarchically restricted by the admin based on assigned personnel.

(b) Managerial Teams can Run Campaigns with the Features Access

As an admin, you can provide the managers access to use the features in Compass for crafting a new campaign, setting up milestones, and running them with the designated budget.

With these robust access control layers, managers across the organization are empowered with essential information.

5. Trigger campaigns automatically with a new scalable and efficient system

With a program admin having to manage multiple programs across tiers and regions, it gets tedious to manually launch individual campaigns when data is loaded. But with the release, all transaction files can be found in the ‘Events’ page within the ‘Template Management’ section of the app. From this list, you can automatically trigger a campaign as soon as it is set up with new data loaded into the platform. When new data is uploaded this way, automatic calculations are performed on this data - for a faster refresh rate.

Placing all data into a single storage system results in a quick flow of data. With concerns for lagged data flow now diminished, the platform’s performance has uplifted considerably with enhanced scalability and system speed. All the uploaded data is available in the ‘Events’ section where the admin user can check its updated status.

That’s all for Compass features released for the month of July. Feel free to contact us for queries. New to Compass? Book a demo!

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