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Why do we need the feature?

Workflow for Installation and Sign in

Feature Details


Why do we need the feature?

For all the Partner users, Compass offers access to a robust yet simple Mobile application that has a visually interesting narrative and UI to capture the interests of the end-users.

Signing in on the Compass app is the first step for the end users for logging in to the app and viewing data and campaigns specific to them. The sign in happens through 2 modes - either through the user’s registered email ID and password, or alternatively, their mobile number and OTP, which basically ensures the safety and data privacy of the end user.

This is a typical workflow consistent with any other SaaS based products.

Workflow for Installation and Sign in

  • To start using the Compass Mobile Application a user needs to download the application from Google Play Store (if he is using an Android device) or from App Store (if he is using an Apple device). The user needs to type in Compass Xoxo to find the application on the respective Store. The user can then tap on Install to successfully install the application on his device.

Please find below the links to download the application from Google Playstore and App Store respectively.

  • For Google Play Store:

  • For Apple App Store:

  • Once the application is installed, the user has to open the Compass application on his device to initiate the login process. The users can use either their work email ID or their mobile number to login into the account as mentioned earlier.

  • Please note that the users should only use the work email ID or the mobile number that is registered on the Compass Web Application beforehand.

  • If a user is using his mobile number to login, a six digit OTP will be generated on his device which he will need to enter to successfully login into the application.

Check for network connectivity to recieve the SMS on time before it expires.

  • In case the user enters his work email address to login, he will be asked to enter the password on the next step. If the user is doing it for the first time, then he can click on the Forgot Password? Button. This will send a Password reset link to his work email address. The user can then set his password and come back to the application and successfully login into the application.

  • Once logged in, the user will be redirected to the homepage of the Compass Application.

Logging In using email invite:

  • Receive the invite link on your email


  • Set your Password and tap on RESET PASSWORD

  • Go to Google Play/ App store

  • Search for Compass Xoxo

  • Download Compass app by tapping Install

  • Enter your emailID and password to login

  • You are now on the Compass mobile app home page


Feature Details


on Compass App


This feature helps end users to login/sign-in to Compass


Data security and privacy on Compass app


Enable registered users to sign-in to Compass to view data and campaigns specific to them


Admin, End users

Acceptance criteria

Successful sign-in to the app with the user data visible

UI Elements

  • Sign In : The user needs to enter his Phone Number or Email ID registered with Compass to login.

  • Enter The Verification Code : If the user uses his Phone Number to login then he will be redirected to the OTP verification page where he needs to enter the six digit verification code to successfully log into the application.

  • Password/Forgot Password : If the user uses his Email ID to login then he will be required to enter the password to login. If the user is doing this for the first time then he must click on the Forgot Password button. This will send a password reset link to the registered email address of the user from where he can set his password and then log into the application.


How long it takes for people to interact with the feature for the first time, measure of ease of use and adaptability

It doesn’t take much time for the user to interact with this feature and it is conventional and easy to use workflow and adapt to.

How often feature is being used

This feature is used everytime a new user tries to download the application, and logs in to it.

How long users spend interacting with the feature

The user spends time on this only once for downloading the app, and once while sign-in unless the user signs out.

Abandonment rate

None, as signing in to the app is a mandatory step.

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