February 2022

Admin : Core Platform

  • Program Recurrence :

    This feature will allow admins to clone a program with a predefined rule set and at a certain frequency. Which essentially can be treated as a recurrence of the program. This frequency can be monthly, weekly or custom based on the requirements, The program will repeat itself at that particular time.

  • Programs Sequencing and prioritization based on Auto Logic :

    Auto logic implemented for the program creation to come on the order. Active first and then recently created will come first based on the program id. Same order will be displayed on the app side/User side.

  • Performance and scalability Enhancements:

    System generated variables to be permanently deleted from the backend and not storing them. This will reduce variable/metrics based load by 60-70%

  • Partner App :

    Ios and Android

  • Leaderboard in Tab Screen 

    The Icons & Sections on the app are to be changed to address the core value proposition of the app - Engagement of Agents & Managers

  • File section moved to Profile

    The file section has moved to the profile screen where the transaction can be downloaded

  • Improvements for Teams

    In the Teams performance section the data appears in descending order now instead of random which was happening earlier.

  • Deep Link Support :

    Deep links with SSO apprehend it for MSmart app for three screens : Profile page Program page Transaction page


  • Live integration - Event template changes Provision for editing an event template in a live integration company instance.

  • Webhook integration - Logs On pushing data to Compass through webhook integration, a unique response ID is generated and shared in response to the data push. These can be consolidated in the client logs and helps to quickly narrow down missing data cases with a quicker TAT.

  • Customized Salesforce integration for custom objects - Pre-processing scripts written to apply appropriate filters and get the required data

  • Secure SFTP tunnel connection for HR data - Site to site VPN connection created for a use case with an enterprise client to transfer sensitive user information to Compass team

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