Close CRM Integration

Here we get started with Close CRM and its relevance to Compass

Close is an inside-sales CRM catering majorly to start-ups and SMBs.

Here we explore the integration between Close CRM and Compass. It is a data source integration where data fetches from Close to Compass enable dynamic gamified incentivization for your sales teams.

The data fetches are real-time, therefore, enabling improved engagement by the sales teams

Let us consider an internet SMB company: Oscorp. The Admin User at Oscorp is the sales manager who is managing incentives for his sales teams, that is, the End Users.

Until now, the admin of the company had to manually enter End User data into an Excel/CSV and upload it to create Programs and run Gamified Incentives for his sales teams.

We at Compass have now simplified and quickened this process by reducing the number of steps with our first CRM Integration with Close CRM.

The admin at Oscorp can now directly get a data dump onto Compass from his Close CRM on-premise and get straight onto Program Creation, focusing on incentivizing and motivating his sales teams.

Why CRM integration on Compass?

  • Straight to Program Creation: Users can go straight on to Program Creation for their sales teams and leave out the data transfer work to us.

  • Real-time Programs: Now you have the ability to run programs on real-time data as the performance metrics of end-users are available to both admins and end-users based on the accessibility rights they have. Essentially, the admin is updated in real-time on team performance.

  • Auto-Pilot your way: Instead of tediously creating Excel spreadsheets to record data on your sales teams, now you can connect Compass to your companyโ€™s CRM quickly and easily without having to worry about tedious data transfer issues such as manual entries, error management, structural changes, etc.

  • Uniformity: The CRM structure that has been setup as per your business gets replicated onto Compass seamlessly. You get your data onto Compass in the same exact form it is on your CRM. This ensures standardization and simplicity for your teams.

  • One source of truth: Standard Use Cases in CRM Migration are built-in and are activated by default. Structure changes made on CRM will be reflected onto Compass in real-time, that is, only one source of truth for the data. For custom use cases, there are options available to make the customization simple and straightforward.

Now you can influence the behavior of your end-users in real-time as the data updates made on Close CRM will be immediately available on Compass and the nudges/notifications enabled by you will be based on real-time data s well.

Real-time incentives calculation is now possible unless the programs require prior approval if they are batched based on a certain frequency as set by your company. <keep it as a non-note, outside this box, normal content>

Viewing and approving incentives

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