Notifications on Mobile

What are Notifications?

Notifications on Compass are system generated messages to the end users which are used to drive expected user behavior in form of tasks, reminders, appreciation, etc.
More details on Notifications and the list of Notifications can be viewed here Notifications

Push Notifications

There are three channels by which users get Compass notifications.
Push Notifications are the ones received on the Compass Mobile Application.
These can be viewed by clicking on the bell icon as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Notifications Page

Here one can view the list of Notifications and select to view the details.

Notification View Options

One can click on the 3 dots and either Mark All Notifications as Read or Clear All the Notifications. Below Screenshot depicts the same.


How long it takes for people to interact with the feature for the first time, measure of ease of use and adaptability
This is an Easy to use feature where the user needs to navigate to the Notifications page and read the content
How often feature is being used
Notifications tend to go out as per defined events based on programs they are part of - used as frequently as the events of these programs
How long users spend interacting with the feature
High usage as notifications cover a lot of aspects on Compass
Abandonment rate
None, as notifications are an integral part of Compass and recommended to be viewed/used frequently