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What is Leaderboard?

Leaderboards help to rank the users based on the relevant metrics performance of campaigns. Also, there is an additional feature to give rewards to the users based on their leaderboard ranking.

Use of Leaderboard

The campaign motive is to push the users to perform better, so leaderboards help to bring a sense of competition among the users. It also gives the user an understanding of where they stand and motivates them to do better.

UI Elements

  • Mobile App

  • Web View

The UI under the Leaderboard has 3 different sections:

  • Player - Participants of the campaigns

  • Rank - Rank of the users based on their metrics performance.

  • Metrics -We can see up to 3 metrics based on the need of campaigns.

  • An additional feature is available in the web view to toggle within active programs using the dropdown.

Workflow / Using the Feature

Mobile App

  • To see leaderboards on the app, go to the program tab and click on any program in which you want to see the leaderboard of it. It will take you to the milestone visualization page of the program.

  • Click on the three-dot at the right upper corner, then click on the leaderboard option. It will take you to the main page of the leaderboard of that particular program. See the below screenshots for your reference.

  • As seen in the above screenshot, the rank shown is based on the metrics' performance.

Web View

  • To see the leaderboard on the web view, Go to the program tab and click on the β€œ Go to program” button of any active program you want for which you want to see the leaderboard. It will take you to the leaderboard landing page as shown below.

  • As seen in the above screenshot, to see teammates' ranks click on the expand button( right corner) it will take you to the whole landing page of the leaderboard.


How long it takes for people to interact with the feature for the first time, measure of ease of use and adaptability

It doesn't take much time for the user to interact with this feature and it is very simple to use and adopt, self-explanatory verbatim on the UI.

How often feature is being used

This feature is used whenever users want to see their performance and compare with their teammates.

How long users spend interacting with the feature

User spend time on this feature only checking their progress.

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