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#Why do we need the feature?

#User flow and design

Why do we need the feature?

This document outlines how a homepage will be visible to the end user on both app and web, and the different functionalities of it.

User Flow and Design

Mobile App

  • Whenever you login to the app or the web, the first page that will open up is the dashboard/homepage.

  • The dashboard/homepage covers a wide array of information to give the user a snapshot of programs he/she is a part of, where they are currently and what they need to do in the upcoming days to earn rewards.

  • On the top left corner, the user can see his initials and click on it to be redirected to the profile section.

  • In the profile section, the user can update his profile picture, change language of the app or contact customer support. Info like name and email id would not be editable and can be edited only by the Admin.

  • The user can also see his existing balance on this screen and click on the “use now” button to redeem it.

  • Clicking on the top left arrow will take the user back to the home page

  • The top right corner of the home page has the available balance and the notification tabs.

  • Clicking the coin icon showing the points will redirect the user to the redemption portal.

  • Clicking on the bell icon will open up the notifications tab and all the old and the new notifications that have been received can be accessed through it.

  • Coming back to the homepage, you will see “Your Team’s Performance” on the top. This header is visible only if you have users mapped under you and you can track their performance by clicking on this header.

  • Below that you will see your tasks section.

  • This section helps you identify the tasks you need to complete in the upcoming days to achieve rewards. All the programs you are a part of will come up under this header and you can slide to see your tasks across programs.

  • The number of days shown for each task depends on where you are, the different milestones/rewards configured for that program, and the available days till the end date of the program.

  • Scrolling below will show you the Your Earnings section.

  • This is where you can track how much rewards you have earned (post approval, if applicable) in the month, quarter and the entire year.

  • Scrolling further below would bring you to the Your Performance section.

  • This is where you can see all the active programs you are currently a part of and your earnings through each. This section will show you up to 5 active programs. If there are more active programs you are a part of, those can be accessed under the Programs tab available on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • You can click on any program to be redirected to the details section of that program and access the additional details and achievements for it.

  • Scrolling further down would show you a scratch card.

  • This scratch card shows you your maximum earning potential based on the programs you are a part of and the rewards you have already earned so far.

  • To scratch the card, you can just swipe on it.

  • You will also see a badges section just below that, which will show you all the badges you have earned so far.

Web Login

  • When you login to the web portal, you will be redirected to the dashboard.

  • The dashboard gives you a quick glimpse of the current programs you are a part of, how you are progressing through different milestones and your earnings so far.

  • You can toggle between different programs using the drop down option on the top.

  • You can click on the options available on the top left corner to go to the program or to see additional details for it.

  • You can toggle b/w different menu options using the navigation bar on the left.

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