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Why do we need the feature?

Signing up is typically associated with the user experience as it’s the first piece of the entire user experience. On Compass, signing up as an admin is also the step where a new account is created essentially. Sign-up is a crucial step as Compass, much like any other product, needs an account to work on - and this is where an account is created wherein the entire data resides, on which we create user logins, metrics and programs to simulate the incentive structures.

Without an account, these goals can’t be achieved, and using the app is impossible.

Sign Up and Login Process

  • Signing-up on the platform is the first step to get access for the Compass Web app for the end users. A user needs to go to to sign-up as an Admin on our portal.

  • Once redirected to the aforementioned URL, the user would see the below screen where these fields would be required to be filled in before proceeding to the next page:

    • Your Name - Name of the admin signing up/creating the account

    • Work Email - Email ID of the admin

    • Phone Number - Phone number of the admin

    • Your Organization Name - The name of the organization for which the account is being created

  • Compass supports login through both email ID and the phone number of the user.

  • Post filling in the above required information, the admin/user then needs to click on the Next button to proceed to the next page.

  • The admin/user will then be redirected to a page where he will need to enter the below details of the organization:

    • Country

    • State

    • City

    • Postal Code

    • Full Address

  • After entering the above company details a user needs to click on Next to proceed. After clicking on Next, the admin/user will be redirected to a page where he needs to enter the conversion rate for the incentives earned through the campaigns to be created. The conversion rate is the mapping of points to the preferred currency of choice, for example, 1 Point = 1 INR.

Post this, the admin/user needs to enter the Timezone based on where the company and the user base is.

  • After setting the conversion rate and the time zone a user needs to click on Next to set his password. After clicking on next a user will be redirected to the password setting page shown below.

A user needs to click on the Send Email button to receive the password reset link. Using that link the user can set his password and then use the login link to log into the platform.

  • As seen in the above image, Users can use either their work email ID or their mobile number to login into the account.

  • In case if the email ID is not registered on the platform, an error message shown below pops-up stating that the email is not registered with the Compass.

Note: The user needs to enter a valid email address that is registered with the compass web application beforehand.

  • Once a user enters a valid email address, there are options to view the hidden password, or request for reset of the password in case the user forgets the password, or go back to login.

Forgot Password

  • If the user clicks on Forgot Password, a password reset link is sent to the registered email address of the user for resetting the password.

  • Once both username and password are entered correctly, the user is redirected to the main homepage or the dashboard of the Compass platform.


How long it takes for people to interact with the feature for the first time, measure of ease of use and adaptability

This is a typical sign-up/login workflow and a one-time effort, with easy to comprehend workflow and simple to understand verbose on the UI

How often feature is being used

This feature is used every time a user tries to log into the platform, and one-time while signing up

How long users spend interacting with the feature

Only when trying to login does the user spend time with this feature.

Abandonment rate

Zero, as logout and login workflows are mandatory and crucial as a security measure

Future Work

Customization and Branding

Customized login background based on client requirement and brand guidelines

Custom domains

They can use their custom domain for sign up and login

For e.g


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