May 2023

Xoxoday Compass is getting better with every passing release. As the month of May ends, here are the features rolled out with the new release. Ranging from Filter optimisation and customization to Currency Inclusion, let’s have a look:

1. Easier and Faster Data Filter Customization:

Admins can now customize user and event data filters like setting up filters for mandatory or unique fields. In user data admins can configure filters apart from the mandatory ones and in event data, all filters are customizable. We have also optimized the filters available for faster processing and loading times.

2. Send important documents like Performance Reports or Internal Memos to your teams or individual members from within Compass:

Provision to map and bulk upload documents to relevant users within Compass. These files will show up in the respective users' profile section. Admins can also see the table with all the users and attachments done so far and can also edit and re-upload a pdf. Admins can also filter the table based on date, partner code, user email, File name.

3. Display desired currency to your users in Compass with currency symbol support:

Provision to categorize any relevant KPIs as currency type and display desired currency symbol in reports, widgets among other places.

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