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October 2022

Xoxoday Compass is getting better with every passing release. As the month of October ends, here are the features rolled out with the new release. Ranging from Access Control Roles, Display Names for metrics to a New Leaderboard section in app and more. Let’s have a look.

1. Access Control Roles:

A feature that defines the default and user specific permissions for different personas in compass web app to maintain hierarchy. The different kinds of admins and user personas on the platform now are: Super Admin- Has complete access to all data and programs and metrics and can adjust permissions for the other personas. Admin- Has access to program creation and metrics and user data with specific data controls in place. Manager- Has view access and would be able to view their own and their reportees’ performance. Users- Has view access to view their own performance. Common Modules like Notifications and Profile are available to all. Super Admin can control specific permissions for Admin and Manager Personas from Users menu in Admin web section.

2. Display Names for Metrics:

A provision to give display names for metrics which will only appear in-app and will be editable on the admin side. All metrics will have display names. Display names for metrics can be duplicate. By default, the name of the metric will also be used as the display name for the metric however, the admin can change the display name as and when required. Display names for existing metrics can be changed by editing the metric and also by clicking on the metric, on the metric details section, by changing the “Display Name” part.

3. Search Functionality in Rewards:

A search functionality in the Reward Type when setting rewards for milestones in programs.

4. Tab Data in Incentives Page:

The tab data now displayed is of active tab i.e when user switches from one tab to another - the table now displays only the active tab data, not the previous tab data. A loader was added to handle the current tab and disable all other tabs.

5. Mobile App Improvements:

5.1 You can Earn section: You can Earn Section has now been removed from the app.

5.2 Your Tasks section: Timeline from Your Tasks section has now been removed.

5.3 According to the reports received from Cyraacs Team regarding App Security and Penetration Testing we have disabled Screen Sharing and Screenshots for Android Compass App. Though both these things are available for iOS Compass App.

5.4 New Leaderboard section in app: New leaderboard section on the bottom menu which shows the campaign wise leaderboard displayed along with active and history programs tab.

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