June 2023

Xoxoday Compass is getting better with every passing release. As the month of June ends, here are the features rolled out with the new release. Ranging from group by with derived data sets to Transaction Cards in app, let’s have a look:

1. Provision to create Derived Data Sets using Group-By functionality on existing data:

Introducing Group-By functionality in Compass which enables admins to create derived data sources from existing data sources. Provisions to apply mathematical functions like sum, average and others on specific columns and group by function on other column This can be accessed from Data and Integrations-> Add Data Source-> Create a derived data source. Created Derived data sets can be viewed from Data and Integrations->derived.

2. Customize how and what your user sees with KPI cards and specific transactions:

Admins can now customize transaction specific KPI cards for users on user web dashboard and on Your Performance Cards in mobile app. These transactions can be linked for multiple plans with a customizable layout for ease of viewing and understanding.

3. Greater clarity for your users with transaction specific KPI cards in mobile app:

Greater clarity for your users with transaction specific KPI cards in mobile app: Users can check transactions from KPI cards from their mobile app in a customizable order defined by admin.

4. Quickly Estimate your incentives from pipeline deals and opportunities:

Now users can estimate their incentives from relevant incentive programs based on selected date ranges. Admins can configure estimator using user inputs and pre-defined KPIs and metric conditions.

5. Compass now available as an Extension in MS Teams:

Users can install Compass application from Microsoft Teams, by clicking the Add Button after searching the marketplace.

The bot can accept the following command 1. View My Plan 2. Show My Total Earnings

Clicking on any plan will redirect to the web view.

Compass Group Notifications are also sent over MS Teams to the respective users.

6. Faster Processing with Multiple Pre-Processing Features:

Now the data processing got faster with technical overhaul of the compass data input engine where we are integrating with various data sources. The ingestion time has reduced from several minutes to a few seconds. Also we have now increased flexibility on how compass can take care of the pre-processing needs that clients data may require. It's a phase wise rollout to our data integration clients.

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