April 2020

Kick Start Incentive Programs with Compass Product Release

Xoxoday Compass digitizes incentive programs with game mechanics, aligns people to targets, and provides error-free payouts on time. Trusted by many customers for their channel partners, sales force, gig workforce, and support teams, Compass is now up and running. Here’s what to expect from the April 2020 Compass release.

1. Interactive Leaderboard

A leaderboard is the perfect representative of performance. With Compass, you can now create leaderboards for all the partners for a deeper analysis of their productivity, numbers, and performance in accordance with the targets.

The interactive leaderboard by Compass gives the best representation of the team’s performance. It keeps the troops motivated and they strive to perform better to get above the ranks.

Get a grip of your team’s standing with Compass, as you can now create leaderboards for all the partners to analyze their productivity, numbers, and performance in accordance with the targets.

Along with making it simpler for the admin to keep track of partners’ performance, the leaderboard would give the partners an overview of where they stand, encouraging healthy competition amongst them.

This leaderboard is based on program standings across multiple hierarchical filters. Filters such as location-state-zone, product-product line, or team-department-organization can be orchestrated to make it as formidable as possible.

2. Reward Mechanism Setup

The reward mechanism can be adjusted and set according to the standings and targets. Also, the admin has the ability to configure multiple leaderboards in every single program. For instance, the admin can choose to award the incentives to the top three participants of the program. The keys to the reward mechanism are in your hands to set up as needed.

The data from multiple leaderboards can be sliced and diced in order to analyze the performance of partners with respect to multiple dimensions.

The reward mechanisms for partners can be simply set as they are being motivated on the basis of particular key metrics as well as a comprehensive leaderboard.

These multiple leaderboards can be based on different types of metrics and dimensions to analyze their impact. This brings out astute findings that can be worked upon for better results.

3. Program Creation

Recurring programs can be created on the basis of their frequency to avoid repetition of efforts (refer to fig. 3). The programs can be run on:

- Daily basis

- Weekly basis

- Monthly basis, or

At a custom duration With easy custom-settings, Compass removes the hindrance of running programs from the preset list of frequencies and it can be set as per the team’s goals and targets.

Tailormade frequencies are useful in giving realistic deadlines to the partners and sales forces rather than relying on preset ones.

Also, when it comes to program creation, communication of the program details is extremely important, and this communication can be sent by attaching a customized flyer.

The flyers can carry all the relevant information and they are easily accessible to the concerned stakeholders on the Compass mobile app.

Flyers in the form of PDF or image files can be uploaded at the time of program creation.

4. Mobile App Customization

Make your partners, employees, and primary stakeholders feel at home by customizing the Compass app. The fig.4 suggests how admins are using this feature for COVID-19 preparedness.

The mobile app can be customized to your branding needs by adding a splash animation logo as a welcome screen. This really gives your Compass app a personal touch for both admins as well as the users.

When in contact with gig workers and channel partners, it gives the platform a good outlook from the organization’s perspective.

The customization is done through the Admin Web App and up to five banners can be added on the mobile app as per the needs.

5. Data Management

With Xoxoday Compass, a multiple number of reference master files can be put to use in your incentive programs. Reference data schemes can be defined in the data management section of the admin web app.

With an option to link the reference master files to the events/transactions, this comes handy while using the reference attributes in your program design.

For instance, the admin can host a custom financial calendar, the product master, or stick to the reference master files to bring in the additional data about your partners.

6. Seamless Payouts

The partners can be paid instantly as and when they achieve the targets. It’s not a requisite for the incentive program to end before releasing the payouts for partners who accomplished their target.

With the ability to dictate the payouts, admins can release the rewards to motivate the people in the bottom half of the leaderboard.

In instances when payouts are key motivators, control over their release acts as a good technique of extrinsic motivation for partners and employees.

An approval workflow can be set to have a better degree of control over the payouts and payment process. Admins can approve the incentives in bulk as well (refer to fig. 5).

That was all in the Compass product release in the month of April 2020. Want to learn more about Compass? Check it out or book a demo.

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