HubSpot integration


Hubspot is an inside-sales CRM that is catering majorly to SMBs and enterprises

Here we will explore the integration between Hubspot CRM and Compass. It is a data source integration where data fetches from Hubspot to Compass enable dynamic gamified incentivization for your sales teams on Compass.

The data fetches are real-time, therefore, it enables huge improvement in engagement among the sales and sales ops teams

An example:

Let us consider an internet SMB company: Company A: The Admin User at the company A is the sales manager who is managing incentives for his sales teams, that is, the end users in our context

Until now, the admin of the company had to manually enter End User data into an Excel/CSV and upload it to create Programs and run Gamified Incentives for his/her sales teams.

We at Compass have now simplified and accelerated this process by reducing the number of steps with our Hubspot CRM Integration

The admin at Company A can now directly get a data dump onto Compass from his/her Hubspot CRM on-premise and get straight onto Program Creation, focusing on incentivizing and motivating his/her sales teams for better results

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