Groups on Mobile App


What is the Groups Feature?

Groups feature helps a person to communicate with another person or a group of people. On the web admin portal, the Admin has the option to create a new Group as required, add people to it. More details here Groups

How to use the feature?

On the Mobile App, Groups can be accessed by clicking on the Groups icon can be seen from the below screenshots.

List of Groups you are part of

The screenshot below shows the UI where the List of Groups are mentioned.


A Group that every user is part of is Townhall. This can be used to make announcements or send messages across the end user base.

Create a Post

In order to create a post, one needs to click on the icon on the bottom right corner of the screen as can be seen in the above Screenshot. The Group in which the post is to be created with the help of Dropdown. One can tag people, send Greetings, Badges, Files etc.
  • Text box - This is where your message goes in the form of words
  • Greetings - These are fun artworks to fit all kinds of celebrations in life. Choose any of these and tag the relevant person for the group to know their achievement or praise a peer
  • Value Badges - These badges are the same that are uploaded on Compass via Customisation feature under settings. These can be used by the admin to tag specific people and reward them the badges in an open forum for better visibility and promoting a healthy competition amongst the end users.
  • Images - By clicking on the image icon, one can attach photos
  • Photo or Video - By clicking on the Camera icon, one can take photo from the camera and upload the same
  • File Uploads - Clicking on the paper icon allows you to attach various files that goes as a part of this communication

Discovering Groups

This is useful to know the List of Groups a user is part of.


How long it takes for people to interact with the feature for the first time, measure of ease of use and adaptability
This is a simple to understand feature for the end users with limited options for them.
How often feature is being used
Not an integral part of incentive calculation, however used on a case to case basis for communication
How long users spend interacting with the feature
Depends on the required frequency of communication
Abandonment rate
Could be higher in cases where clients would have their own established communication channels and prefer using those. In other cases where this feature is being used, it depends on the frequency of communication that goes out.