Qualification Process

To validate the correctness of the webhook push implementation by the Client and go/no go decision to implement this mechanism

Pre Requisites

  1. System Design Data Document (the way data is handled in Client system)

  2. Scoping Call(s) done to clarify on the Objects and Fields required for the implementation


Step 1: Sandbox and documentation - To be provided by Compass

  1. Based on the scoping calls done as a prerequisite, a Data Template datatype + sample data will be created and agreed with the client that will be required to set up the Sandbox environment.

  2. URL, Client ID and Client Secret will be shared to the client for Web ho

It is important to maintain the schema after the first push of the data, if there are changes in the schema in the future, the same has to be informed to the Compass team in advanced in order to make the necessary changes

Step 2: Technical Implementation - To be done by Client

  1. Client Tech team will implement the Web hook for analysis in compliance with the Data template

  2. The webhook implementation should encompass the following:

    1. Positive cases

    2. Event triggers : On what events the data will be pushed

    3. Change data capture (CDC): To send the data to compass in Create /Update events. This should be flagged by the Client in the request to webhook for each case

    4. Error handling mechanisms: In case of errors, how the Client system will handle the errors and how it will be re pushed to the compass

    5. Logging response ID: Client should log the response ID received in the response from Compass Webhook for future reference required for troubleshooting.

  3. Compass Team will provide the required support for clarifications to Client team

Step 3: Validation by Compass Team:

By Compass QA and Analyst team for around 3-5 days and we will check on below parameters

  1. Positive Cases CDC

  2. Error & Re Push Components mechanism

  3. Data Validation with source vs destination( received via webhooks)

  4. Client team will need to push the data during validation and for some specific test cases as asked by the Compass team.

Step 4: Go/No Go Decision:

A report based on above parameters in a standard template shared to internal stakeholders for a decision to go ahead for web hook or not and then the implementation will follow accordingly.

End of Process


  1. Client Dev/QA and BA Team: to do the development and run the test cases

  2. Integration QA: To monitor the web hook injection

  3. Implementation analyst Compass: To cross check data

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