Different type of data and data fetches

Type of Data imported can be Productivity related and Pipeline related:

Productivity-related Data consists of Data such as number/type of calls made, number/type of emails sent and received, tasks, meetings, etc.

Pipeline-related Data covers the sales pipeline. For example; Interest expressed, follow-up call, Demo schedule call, Demo Presentation, Payment made, Deal Closed, Retention Metrics, etc.

One-time Data Fetch: When you execute the import from Salesforce onto Compass, all data existing at Salesforce is fetched at once.

Real-Time Data Sync: After the one-time fetch, all future data updates on Salesforce are immediately reflected on Compass because of real-time data sync. You have this feature enabled by default in your Compass account. The capability of Integration as well as the type of data sync is based on your Salesforce edition.

Third-Party Bulk imports: Imports done in Salesforce before the Salesforce-Compass integration will be fetched along with the rest of the data. However, we do not support auto-transfer of third-party imports which are added to Salesforce after the integration.

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