October 2021

The Compass October release witnesses brand new features that transform admin user experience benefits. These will help users in defining more complex programs and then solving it. More on these features:

  1. Weightage and Modifiers

The incentives for a user are based on a set of metrics and not on a single metric. These metrics are combined together through respective weights to arrive at one single achievement metric. Two metrics can be mapped and assigned a static value which will be a multiplier for incentive calculation.

2. Negative Rewarding

Admin should be able to put a negative entry at the time of award definition for score as well as points. This is helpful in case we want to adjust the rewards and scoring for a given period of time. This feature can be of help in doing so. This is available for both Points and Rewards section


  1. Negative constant = (-5000)

  2. Negative expression = (-Sum of sales * 100)

  3. Negative on each element of expression = ( -sum of sales * - ticket count + revenue)

3. Score Enhancements

Admin should be able to make certain enhancements in Scores such as : Ability to edit the name of the score after creation. Ability to create multiple scores. Ability to make active multiple scores.

These features will help users in creating multiple scores at a given point of time. Also they can edit the name of the score at a given point of time

4. Hierarchy For Reports

Brand admin should also be added as an approver of the program. Upon adding as the approver of the program brand admin should be able to view the data in calculated incentive for the program where he/she is mapped as an approver and the person reporting to him/her. Brand admin should be able to view the data of all the users in calculated incentive for which he/she is a supervisor with all the details available. Brand admin should also be able to see only the data for his/her hierarchy in the approved tab of the incentive page. Brand admin should only be able to see the data for his/her reporte in payout page

Now the Admin can set the hierarchical structure of his organisation through this feature. The Approver will be able to see only people reporting to him and their relevant reports.

5. Same Nomenclature to be used for Points label

To make the nomenclature same all across the web platform all the string saved for points should be changed for the below-mentioned places Profile page - My Points, Redeem Points Leaderboard - Reward Points, Placeholder Dashboard - Leaderboard label Milestone rewards. Incentive page Program calculated incentive This will help Admin to make sure all the Places points are mentioned as same and there is no confusion in terms of strings

Also points label can be named and edited differently as required

6. Listing in the Report should be in the order highest to lowest Rank

The ranking of the charts in the reports should come as highest to lowest in terms of ranking. The highest rank user should be shown in the top of the chart and all the reports. This will give a clear view of which sales person is performing better than their peers in the leaderboard.

KPI and Performance in Report Section

KPI and performance has been now separated in the reports section for the Brand Amin or super admin to view.

Performance includes Primary, Secondary and Tertiary metrics as well

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