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Why do we need the feature?

What is Dashboard?

The Dashboard page provides a snapshot of program progress and different layers of the overall performance of the users to the admin as well as users. The dashboard can also be customized with widgets such as reports and leaderboards.

Use of Dashboard

Tracking the program progress and the performance of users are the essential part of any campaign, the dashboard help to analyze the performance of campaigns with reports and leaderboard. Also, provide a snapshot of the campaign’s outcome which can be looked into to get an overall understanding.

Leaderboard and Reports

  • Leaderboard: It ranks the users based on their performance in particular campaigns.

  • Reports: Visualization of the campaign progress in the form of tables and charts.

UI Elements

What an Admin can do with the dashboard options?

  • Program Selection - Select the Program with the help of Dropdown

  • Participants - View the Number of participants who are active /inactive in the selected live program.

  • Incentives - Show information about the approved incentive, pending incentives and their total as well. Helps to keep track of all the incentive campaigns in one place.

  • Performance Reports - User's performance in the particular program with respective metrics value.

  • Add Widget- Add reports and leaderboards based on the needs of the user.

  • Details - Incentive campaigns details are displayed here.

Workflow / Using the Feature

Program Selection

  • Program selection is the first step to accessing the information on the dashboard page.

  • As seen in the above image, we can select the programs by the dropdown button. It shows the list of all live programs(Active / Completed)

  • We can also land on the dashboard page by clicking on the “View Dashboard” of that particular program.


  • This section shows the number of participants who are active/inactive in a particular program. Inactive participants are the users whose performance is entirely zero for that specific program, and Active participants are those with at least some performance across metrics for that particular program.


  • This section shows the information about the approved incentives, pending incentives, and their total as well.

  • As seen in the above image, We also have the feature to approve the pending incentives once the campaign end. After getting approved, these incentives add to the Approved incentives section.

  • If the campaign does not include any incentives calculations, this section will be empty with the message “No incentives have been achieved yet by the participants”.(see the below screenshot for reference)

Performance Reports

Why do we need these?

  • Once the program is activated, analyzing users' performance is an essential part of any campaign. The performance report provides the calculated value of all user metrics used in a particular program, which helps to analyze whether the calculation is correct.

  • As seen in the above image, we only see the snapshot of the performance report. To see all participant's performances click on the expand button(upper right corner).

  • Below screenshots shows the landing page of the expanded performance report with a filter and downloadable option(upper right corner element 1 & 2). The report can be filtered by campaigns.

  • Rows per page dropdown to select the number of records to be displayed from the options 10, 25, 50, 100 for pagination (bottom right, element 1) and Arrows help to navigate to the next or previous page, grayed out based on the current page the user in on (first/last) (bottom right, element 2)

Add Widget ( Leaderboards & Reports)

  • This section of the dashboard is fully configurable based on the needs of the user, using widgets of their choice. Widgets such as reports, leaderboards, etc can be put up on the dashboard.(upper right corner element 1)


Follow the URL: Leaderboard Product Documentation Admin Level


Follow the URL: Report Product Documentation Admin Level


  • This feature provides all the details of the program which entered while creating.


How long it takes for people to interact with the feature for the first time, measure of ease of use and adaptability

It takes little time for the user to interact with this feature for the first time as this is a customizable and configurable feature and it is very simple to use and adopt, self-explanatory verbatim on the UI.

How often feature is being used

This feature is used every time user wants to see the progress and performance of any campaign, hence used frequently.

How long users spend interacting with the feature

Users spend time on this feature to see the performance once the program is configured and whenever need to customize this feature based on need.

Abandonment rate

None, as this is a critical and frequently used feature

Future work

Filter by status of the program can come to ease the view. Interactive filters for widgets.

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