Why do we need the feature?




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Branding and Customisation

Why do we need the feature?

The customization of points , scores and badges enable a program admin to distribute rewards of a program by different names and in different ways.

That way the admin can boost the morale of the users by ensuring that the awards distinguish them from their peers and the users get recognized for the work they have done.

Customization feature is classified into:

1.General Info (Account Name, Time Zone, Language, Base Currency, Conversion Factor)

2. Rewards

Customization is required to ensure rewards can be given by different names and those reward names need can be customized.

Now the rewards in compass can be for display or they can be reimbursed through points as well. So currently we have 3 broad categories of reward customization available which are:


Points are basically the incentive amounts that the user receives out of a campaign on completing tasks and these points can be redeemed through the platform to make purchases.

Same is for scores except that scores are only for display to the user and can not be redeemed

Badges , again are for recognition purposes, on completing milestones or tasks.

To illustrate the above points, let's say there is a distributor of goods having 10 people working in his distribution company. Each week, the distributor wants to reward and motivate the distribution agents by showing them in the compass app points, scores and badges.

Now in Points, the distribution agent sees the incentive earned for the week’s effort as on today, and accordingly by the end of the month, the incentive accumulates to show him a total points made for the month.


In the Scores section, the distribution agent sees the number of deliveries done, number of clients satisfied, count of 5 star ratings, count of any complaints etc as of that day. Scores can be used to display to the user the various KPIs that are there and will enhance the user's performance if he keeps looking at them.


In the Badges section the distributor can reward his agents by giving him various types of badges such as outstanding performer of the week, best employee of the month, top scorrere, best customer servicer etc.

These badges can be custom made in terms of gifs and can be uploaded in compass for eligible users, so that when the user logs in to the compass app , he will be able to see his badge as on that day.

Workflow / Using the feature

To use the customization feature, look at the left side of the screen and click on the Customisation tab , this takes you to the next page that has 2 tabs on the up,

General info is fixed, so we can only customize the Rewards section.

Customization feature in itself is quite powerful for the user involved, as different customized rewards can motivate the user in different ways. Let's take the example of the distributor of goods, the distributor as a compass admin can configure customized rewards for his agents and give different names to the KPIs that he is tracking for the distribution agents. The Admin configuring the campaigns for the users can give the points earned a different name than just Points, and these things make the achievements good to look at and give more meaning to the scores achieved by the distribution agents.

Not all times the distribution agents would be motivated by just monetary points and display of scores, in that case the distributor acting as Compass admin can reward its agents with different badges. So definitely customisation as a feature adds a lot of value to the Distributor in his efforts to keep his workforce motivated.

Now Rewards has Points - so lets say i want the incentive data to reflect to users not as points but as some other term, for example PLP- then the same can be used i.e. points can be renamed to PLP

Rewards also have Scores, so different amounts related to the user can reflect as different names, for example achievement figures can be shown by naming the score as Amount Achievement, Achievement percentage etc.

Creating Scores

The different scores can be created based on the metrics they represent . For creating score names, the compass admin would need to do the following:

  1. Go to the customisation tab on the left hand side of the compass admin screen

  2. Lets go to scores now, there one can click on Create New Score and the sub page opens from right side as shown below, herein one can give the score name and type and once clicked on create , a new score name is created, that can be used in the program by program admin to show the scores to the users.

  1. Scores once created are in enabled stage by default, and will appear as option during the program creation process to reward the users, in case the created score is no more needed, the compass admin has the option to disable the score buy changing the status of the score through a toggle switch given.

Rewards also have Badges, and these are basically graphical badges that can be uploaded in the system and can be used during program creation in rewards, so instead of metrics, directly these badges can be used.

New Badge Creation

  • New badges can be designed using the option at the bottom - Create a Badge.

  • Badge name, a description about it and the image of the badge can be uploaded while creating a new badge.

UI Elements

Customisation tab has a settings symbol , generally followed for customizing settings related to a page, the displays are pagewise for Points, Scores and Badges.

Different score names can be created and enabled so that they can be used in the program.

Branding and Customisation

Branding can be used to enhance personalization and aesthetics of the web application.

It can be enabled and accessed from, Settings-> Open Customisation.

With this:

  1. You can add your organization’s name to the browser tab.

  2. You can add your organization’s icon.

  3. You can add your company’s logo.

  4. You can also change the login background image for compass web.

  5. You can choose a theme from a range of pre-designed templates. Custom templates can also be configured as per users’ needs.

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