December 2023

Xoxoday Compass is getting better with every passing release. Here are the features rolled out with the new release. Ranging from a complete UI revamp to consolidated Performance Reports for better evaluations , let’s have a look:

1. UI revamp-

We are excited to announce the release of Compass version 2.0.0, a significant update that brings enhanced features, improved performance, and increased flexibility to our component-based UI framework.

Dynamic Component Loading:

  • Introducing dynamic component loading, allowing components to be loaded asynchronously. This optimizes initial page load times and improves overall performance by fetching and rendering components only when needed.

Scoped Styling:

  • Scoped styling is now supported by default. Components can have their styles encapsulated, preventing unintended style leaks and providing a more robust styling solution.

2. Provision to give out Text Based Rewards like PVR Tickets or Amazon Vouchers:

Admins can now give out text based rewards like PVR Tickets, Shopping Vouchers as part of plan rewards. The same will be visible to users in their rewards section in user web and mobile app.

3. Compare Multiple Plan Performance Reports on Dashboard:

You can quickly compare different plan performance reports on a consolidated dashboard. Admins can choose the plans for which they want to compare the performance reports, up to 3 plans can be chosen for comparing their reports.

4. Greater Control with provision to approve transaction based earnings for users:

Admins can now approve each transaction’s earnings for different users in a commission plan. In the Approvals Pending section, it would be possible to view the individual transactions for each user and approve or reject the same.

5. Get a complete understanding of your users’ performance for each campaign with view of transactions, achievements and earnings in Dashboard Performance Report:

Provision to attach transaction records with performance reports in Dashboard for Commission Plans with transaction based rewarding. All of these columns can be rearranged and included or excluded as the admin sees fit.

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