User Management in Compass
Our admins can create users and offer them various access attributes in the user management section. With a simple dropdown selection, they can now toggle user access levels - to either brand super admin, brand admin, brand user, partner admin, or partner user
  • Click on "Users" on the admin main menu of the homepage.
Users option in admin main menu
  • This opens the User management page that lists all the Company admin + end users.
User management screen
  • Clicking on the "Partner code" of individual user entries, opens a slide in option to edit users info, where details such as First Name, Work email, Phone, Access Role Name, Supervisor, Status, alternate email ID, status, etc. can be modified and saved.
Edit User details screen image
In some instances, admins would be required to update user details in bulk, in that case, admins can click on the download icon "
" on the top right corner of the screen and select the User role and download the .csv file and make the edits and upload it.
Note: When the .csv file is downloaded and edited, it is mandatory not to leave any field blank.
User can also set some of the user details as public attributes using the "Set Public Attributes option" on top right corner of the screen (Right to "Downloads" option). It is a set of details about a User that is visible to everyone on Compass (Web and App). Information (attributes) about a person on the leaderboard or on any report can help you make some quick analysis.
Set attributes screen
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